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@cdevroe thank you! I hope you'll give it another go 👏

I started doing weeknotes earlier this year and it took a little bit to settle into a shape and process I liked -- and to remember what things I wanted to track during the week. It helped to have a purpose behind the tracking: I wanted to get a feel for how much I realistically accomplish in a week, so I started with "stuff I did" and added other sections from there.

Now that I've decided on the major chunks I want to include, I set up a template draft at the start of the week so I can add definitions and dinners as I go, because there's no way I can remember them for a week without writing them down. I track my reading on Goodreads and cross-reference from that each week because likewise, can't remember on my own 😉

I do mine on Friday evenings because it works well for me mentally to close out the week then, but I think picking any consistent time that you can commit to spending 15 or 20 minutes most weeks would work fine.

Tracy Durnell @tracydurnell