Looking for comp titles

Been reading lots of Kindle Unlimited books to try to find comp authors for my sci-fi romance book - found another potential one today! I’ll try a couple more of her books to get a better feel for her style.

It’s tricky to find a match for style, tone and heat level. I’m writing sexy space opera but a lot of the genre is sexy alien bonding, which is a poor match on heat and style, so there are fewer options to choose from 🤷‍♀️ It’s interesting to dig deep into what’s already a niche genre and see how many styles there are - and figure out what readers expect from each.

The closest overall match for my WIP is an older author who’s stopped publishing, so I’m hesitant to refer to her. More recent books have been comparable in style but not heat level 🤔 Guess I’ll just have to keep reading, oh darn 😉

Tracy Durnell @tracydurnell